The background of the word Australia above is the Sydney skyline from our hotel room on Darling Harbor.  A beautiful spot.  The pictures below like those from New Zealand represent only a fraction of what I took. I have got to say that I was very impressed with the plants and animals of this country so you will see mostly them. Enjoy.


Sovereign Hill near Balarat is an old gold mining town.  Students go for week-long classes where they dress in period costume and do the work of kids of the day.  On the far right is a gold seam in quartz.

  These are some of the kangaroos we saw--the eastern gray and the giant red and then mother with joey-only legs out!
Fairy penguin   Dingo-wild dog   Echidna
  Bell bird Black neck stork   Black cockatoos
 Camels in the Outback--ride was fun   A camouflaged coral fish  Electus parrot

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