Our trip to the Hawaiian Islands was delightful. We flew from LA into Kona and there we stayed at the Kona Billfisher Resort--just across the street from the western Pacific Ocean. Most of our time was spent on the Big Island but a commuter flight took us to Oahu to see Honolulu and the Pearl Harbor sights. The one disappointment was that we did not get to take the helicopter ride over the volcano due to weather (even though we tried 4 separate times).

In our rental Mustang convertible we had a great time on the Big Island.


The graffiti is made with coral on the dark lava.

Coconut palms were pretty common throughout the islands.

A native carver works on a pole at the Place of Refuge (Pu'uhonua o Honaunau )

A native fisherman casts a net.  He was successful in catching some fish.

At the Kona Coffee Plantation we saw the coffee plants and the "cherries" of coffee.

Native made fish ponds were early attempts at aquaculture.

Beautiful flowers were everywhere.

Even the trees got into the flowering act.

Alongside the road the wildflowers were abundant.

Close-ups show the intricate detail.

From old flows now covered in green to new lava flows there was lots of lava.

Green sea turtles were common in several of the protected bays and inlets.

Kilauea Crater with offerings for Pele the volcano goddess.

Lava flows like this one near the coast show high lava hills and then the plains of lava.

Sunset at our luau at the Royal Kona Resort was beautiful.

The nene, Hawaiian goose, of crossword fame.  They are now endangered.

Gasoline prices were high.  Highest in Kona at $2.31 a gallon!

Oldest church on the islands is in Kona.

Orchids in the trees were common sites.

The palm forests were impressive.

The native hut at the Pu'uhonua o Honaunau  site.

The double rainbow on the road from the Black Sand Beach, Hawaii.

South Point, the most southern point in the United States was pretty.

Red plumeria was common.

Tree ferns were common in the rainforest areas.

Waterfalls like this one near Hilo on the eastern shore were beautiful.

Plumeria in the white form is the most common flower for leis.

Sharon in front of a multi-rooted tree.

Steve in his special island shirt.

The Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor on the island of Oahu.

Just up the shore from Waikiki Beach is Diamond Head.

Here on the North Shore of Oahu there is sea, lava, white sands, and hills.

This pineapple is on the Dole Plantation in the middle of Oahu.