Our barge, the Marguerite, was to be our home for 10 days of cruising on the canals of Holland.  Shown here to the left with the traditional Dutch windmills.


Shipboard dining was elegant with delicious food being served.  To the right.

The first photo the right is Rembrandt's masterpiece "The Night Watch" rendered in bronze in Rembrandt Park.


The far right shows the flower market in Amsterdam and one of the canals. (market in the green house area).


Photo to the far left is the house where Anne Frank hid during World War II.


The near left photo is a typical street scene in Amsterdam.


To the left is Rotterdam's signature bridge -- an engineering masterpiece.


To the right is a typical wind mill in the ancient tradition.

Keukenhof Gardens -- showplace for beautiful tulips and other bulbs.

To the far left is the house where the Pilgrims embarked from on their way to America -- Leiden


Flower auction markets like this one sees traders from around the world bidding on the beautiful plants.  It is acres and acres of blooms.

Left photo: No trip to the Netherlands would be complete without some cheese sampling -- like in Gouda.


Steve and Sharon at classic Dutch spots -- by windmills and with flowers!