Photo Gallery -- Moscow Shots

During the last part of May and early June 2004. We had the opportunity to travel to Russia and London.  The photos and descriptions below are but a few of the many experiences we had.  Enjoy!!


London shots-

Our visit to London was totally a vacation.  We were able to connect this stop over with our FACIM trip...being half way around the world made this a cheaper trip!!


Carriage House Bed & Breakfast

The typical double-decker bus.

Stonhenge View

Sharon & Steve at the "Henge"

Parliament and Big Ben from the Thames

Sharon at Kinsington Palace

Guard at the Tower of London

Tower of London

Tower of London

Tower Bridge view

British Library sign

Egyptian area in British Museum

Kings Library in British Museum

Early papyrus

Elgin Marbles area--temple

Sharon at Greenwich-Prime Meridian

Cutty Sark at Greenwich

Globe Theater stage

Globe Theater reconstruction

Hampton Court Palace

Clock area at Hampton Ct.

Harrods Dept. store

High Tea setting at Jon & Ellie Steer's home

Sharon at the Royal Gardens at Kew


Venus Flytrap in Kew

Giant water lily at Kew

Queen at her birthday parade

Prince Charles arrival via helicopter