Photo Gallery -- Moscow Shots

During the last part of May and early June 2004. We had the opportunity to travel to Russia and London.  The photos and descriptions below are but a few of the many experiences we had.  Enjoy!!


Moscow shots-

Our visit to Moscow was primarily to work with FACIM (Flagstaff Area Christians in Mission) to work with the Orphanage #105.  We did have an opportunity to do some sightseeing and that is what is shown below.


One of the 7 Sisters bldgs. from Stalin's era

The famed GUM department store on Red Square

The KGB bldg.  over the 7 story Lubyanka Prison

The Kremlin--the old walled fortress.

Famed Gorky Park from our cruise on the Moscow River.

World Famous Moscow Circus.

Moscow subway stations were works of art.

St. Basil Cathedral near Red Square.


Part of the WW II Memorial in Moscow

Typical babushka (grandmother) seen on the street.

Street market near Moscow.

Cathedral near Moscow where Patriarch Alexy II was holding services.

Holocaust monument



St. Petersburg Views