Peru -- Land of the Incas and the city of Machu Picchu

Our trip to this enchanted land began in the city of Lima, then a train ride through the Andes to Cusco at 11,000 ft. elevation and then to Machu Picchu, fabled city of the Incas.  The photos below display some of the sights we saw.


This is a view of Lima from our hotel room on the 12th floor. This column was perhaps a form of writing...the Spanish were so interested in gold they never took the time to learn.
This art found inside an old church in Cusco was done over the years by a priest who never went outside. This group shot in front of the huge fortress and religious site ruins at Sacsayhuaman (pronounced like sexy woman)
The first photo is of a curandaro (healer) named Enrique.  He is performing a healing ceremony on Steve and Sharon.  This is a spiritual healing not a physical one.
The Incan village of Machu Picchu is a picture of contrasts.  In the shots to the left in the early morning there is fog from the valleys of the Andes.  As the day goes along the fog lifts revealing the magnificent city.  If you do not like the cloud view wait a few minutes and it will clear. The second photo shows us as we are near the Guard House overlooking the entire city.
The tooth-like mountain is called Huayana Picchu and if you climb to the top of it as Steve did (second photo is proof) you have an eagle eye view of the city.  
As you travel the roads near Cusco and Machu Picchu you find folks willing to pose for photos.  The first shot was a group of children who had been working in the fields.  The second is a lady and her alpaca.  The last is a group of ladies selling their hand-made wares on the side of the road.
Sharon is in the pen with alpaca and llama.  They are pretty tame. Cultural aspects of the Cusco area were demonstrated in this cultural performance.