Photo Gallery - St. Petersburg

During the last part of May and early June 2004. We had the opportunity to travel to Russia and London.  The photos and descriptions below are but a few of the many experiences we had.  Enjoy!!


St. Petersburg shots- our visit to St. Petersburg was totally tourist in nature.  We arrived after a Lufthansa flight from Denver, CO to Frankfurt, Germany.  After getting into the country we came to our hotel where we had several days to acclimate ourselves to this part of the world.


Our hotel in St. Petersburg--about 0.5 stars!!

Monument to WW II and the survivors.

Peterhoff Palace -the Summer Palace

Some of the fountains at Peterhoff Palace

Strolling musicians in the beautiful gardens.

These were dancers at a folk festival--beautiful costumes.

Flowers abounded throughout the city.

We took a tour on the Neva River--great location but real estate is a bit run down.

This is now the Hermitage Museum--a former Winter Palace-where Dr. Zhivago, the movie, was set.

 Inside the Hermitage

Moscow Views