Yellowstone National Park in Winter 2003.

Photos of Steve & Sharon

(c) 2003, all right reserved

On our first day in the park we saw this big horn ram.  He and his family were just munching grass beside the road through Lamar Valley.


The coyote was also seen on our first day on the same road.  The coyote were plentiful.

The bison were in abundance in the park.  The animals use their large heads and strong neck muscles to move the snow from the grasses they are seeking.  The animal to the right is almost buried in the snow and he looks for grass.
    Elk, even this big male,can become prey for wolves.
The bison pay little attention to the coyote here in the foreground.  Even if this were a wolf, full grown bison have little to fear from this top predator.
This bachelor herd is formidable presence to the top predators...all those antlers can be deadly to an attacking wolf.



This male is relaxing in the snow.

This female is checking out the grass and the photographer.


The female to the right is getting ready to cross the stream.  The heavy coat makes even cold water bearable.

Magpie Trumpeter swans Trumpeter swan pair

Moon rise over a frozen Yellowstone Lake

Roosevelt entrance gate-Gardiner, MT

Left over from an Old Faithful eruption.

The pictures below represent various shots around the park...they are identified below the picture.

Sunrise on the road to Lamar Valley. Upper falls on the Yellowstone River. Lower falls on the Yellowstone River.
Old Faithful Lodge Ranger transportation on the snow!! Lamar River in the morning.
Boardwalk at Mammoth Terraces Mammoth Hot Springs

Mammoth Hot Springs and Village