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Flagstaff – In-Town Sites - Optional


Museum of Northern Arizona

Lowell Observatory

Downtown Flagstaff

Riordan Mansion

Northern Arizona Univ.

The sites listed here are the in-town sites of Flagstaff.  We will certainly have time to do some of these…or all as you desire.  Most sites can be done in a couple of hours and can be fit into other schedules or done as a whole day themselves.


The Museum of Northern Arizona has a great collection of Indian artifacts and a changing exhibit (right now it is kaleidoscopes.)  It also has exhibits on the natural history of the area and a dinosaur skeleton.


Lowell Observatory is very historic and in addition to the general astronomy exhibits, it is possible to see the telescope that was used to discover Pluto. 






Downtown Flagstaff has been mostly restored to its heyday time of the late 19th century (Flagstaff was founded in 1882).  It has a number of quaint shops, galleries, and boutiques.  Shopping is available in many price ranges but tends toward the higher end.





The Riordan mansion is a state park and the house belonging to the one of the founding families of Flagstaff.  Their wealth was in lumber and their home is now open to the public.  It is furnished in period antiques.










Northern Arizona University has about 20,000 students and its campus is rather eclectic with varied types of buildings—ranging from the native sandstone to modern brick.