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Flagstaff – Area Sites - Optional


Sunset Crater National Mon.

Wupatki National Mon.

Walnut Canyon


Hiking Trails

  Red Mountain

  Veit Springs



The sites listed here are the area sites of Flagstaff.  We will certainly have time to do some of these…or all as you desire.  Most sites will take 3 or 4  hours and can be fit together to do a whole day’s activity. (or more!!)


Sunset Crater is an extinct volcano.  We could just drive by and see the crater and visitor center or there are two rather short nature trails both of which go into the heart of the lava flow.  One includes seeing an ice cave (but you cannot go inside).


Wupatki is adjacent to Sunset but has a number of ancient Indian ruins of the ancient pueblo peoples.  If all the sites are visited plan on at least 4 hours.  If only the major one is visited it would take about 1.5 hours (the major one is called Wupatki.)



Walnut Canyon is another Indian ruin site but is very dramatic in its location.  It is found on a mesa that is separated from the visitor center and one has to climb down (and then up of course) a series of 140 steps!!  The ruins here are not as well preserved as at Wupatki.






If there is a desire to get into the wilderness and do some short, easy hikes, then there are two we would recommend.  One of these is at the Red Mountain site and the other on the Snow Bowl of Humphrey’s Peak called Veit Springs.  Red Mountain is an extinct volcano and you can climb right inside the crater.  There are beautiful formations inside called hoodoos.  Veit Springs is a meadow like setting where a sheepherder lived in the late 1800s.  The neatest thing here are the ancient Indian pictographs that are located near the springs.