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Navajo Land - Optional


Canyon de Chelly National Monument

(taken in Winter 1999)



Hubbell  Trading Post National Monument




To do this area will take a whole day.  There are two national monuments to see.  This is an interesting journey but is a lot of riding.


Canyon de Chelly was a site that the Navajo used in their war with the US.  Kit Carson defeated them in the canyon.  If time permitted (doubtful) it is possible to take a guided trip to the bottom of the canyon.  It is beautiful. The view can be had from a rim road.




Hubbell Trading Post is an authentic trading post that was used in trade with the Navajo.  Mr. Hubbell’s house is adjacent to the post.  Here it is possible to purchase authentic Navajo rugs---going price for a 9’ x 12’ rug would be somewhat in excess of $12,000!!!!  But they are beautiful to just look at.  You can usually see weaving demonstrations of rugs in the visitor center.