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Painted Desert / Petrified Forest National Parks - Optional


Painted Desert National Park

Petrified Forest National Park

Homolovi State Park


 To do this area will take a whole day.  There are two national parks and one excellent state park to see.


The Painted Desert is the name given to the unique rock colors found in the area.  At certain times of the day the colors are brighter than other times.  The colors are due to water depositing various minerals.


The Petrified Forest is home to the largest collection of petrified wood in the US.  There was a forest of regular trees that stood in the area in the geologic past.  There was a subsidence and the trees were covered with water.  Now there are many fossilized logs laying about the ground in the area.  It is possible to touch the “wood” and still see its grain…even though the grain is solid stone!




Homolovi State Park is another Indian Ruin but unlike the National Parks there are lots of pottery shards around.  It is permissible to pick up the shards and look at them.  They may not be kept but to hold a piece of a pot that is 800-900 years old is fascinating.