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Sedona – Area Sites - Optional



Red Rock Country


Montezuma Castle & Well National Mon.


Tuzigoot National Mon.








The sites listed here are the area sites of Sedona.  All of these sites can be visited in a full day trip from Flagstaff.  The individual sites would take about 2 hours each but one must include travel time if  they are done separately.


Sedona is renowned for its beautiful scenery but the town itself is a shopper’s paradise (albeit a little expensive).  The range is from outlets to expensive galleries.  The legend has it that there is an aura created by a focus of crystal energy in the area. A lot of New Agers call Sedona home.


The area surrounding Sedona is called Red Rock Country and is made up of magnificent rock formations.  Lots of western movies use the area as a location. Jeep trips into the back country are available but would take most of a day to complete.  But just driving in the area allows most of the sites to be seen even if from a distance.







Montezuma’s Castle and Montezuma’s Well are National Monuments that depict a cliff dwelling Indian population.  The castle was named because early explorers thought it was from the Aztec culture (it is NOT).  A short trail gets you fairly close to both sites but you cannot enter the dwellings.









Tuzigoot National Monument is located near the town of Jerome and is a pueblo dwelling that sits atop a mesa.  It is possible to enter this dwelling and see how the Indians might have lived.  Tuzigoot is also located near copper mines and the tailing fields are still visible.






Jerome is the epitome of an old mining town of the late 1800s.  It has been restored in many places and the buildings now house gift shops and galleries with antiques, etc.  The town is perched on a mountain overlooking the Verde Valley.  It is quite unique.