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Wupatki National Monument

How much do you know about the Wupatki National Monument in Arizona?.
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  1. What does Wupatki mean?
    a. Pretty house
    b. Tall House
    c. Large House
  2. Which of the following was NOT an early settler in the area?
    a. Kayenta Anasazi
    b. Navajo
    c. Sinagua
  3. What effect did the volcano have on the settlement?
    a. Increased soil fertility
    b. Killed off the crops
    c. It had no effect
  4. What is the feature called that produces a movement of air ?
    a. anemometer
    b. breezer
    c. blowhole
  5. The natives used what to grind their corn?
    a. wooden clubs
    b. mano & matate
    c. mortar & pestle
  6. Which was NOT a primary crop?
    a. corn
    b. tomatoes
    c. beans
  7. What tribe lived in the area in historical times?
    a. Navajo
    b. Sioux
    c. Huron
  8. What is the painting on a rock called?
    a. petroglyph
    b. pictograph
    c. etching
  9. What is chipping of a picture called?
    a. petroglyph
    b. pictograph
    c. etching
  10. Who was the first ranger family?
    a. Brewer
    b. Jones
    c. Peshlaki
  11. What is the name of the area where a ceremonial game was played?
    a. arena
    b. kiva
    c. ball court
  12. What is the name of the place where religious ceremonies took place?
    a. arena
    b. kiva
    c. T-doorway
  13. Why did the inhabitants probably leave?
    a. to see new places
    b. to meet new people
    c. to find better conditions
  14. What is the process of tree ring dating called?
    a. ring collating
    b. dendrochronology
    c. epistemology
  15. What animal did they NOT hunt?
    a. buffalo
    b. elk
    c. rabbit
  16. What is a broken piece of pottery called?
    a. annular
    b. fragmental
    c. sherd

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